Posted in General on 23rd December 2010

My top 10 movies of 2010

Sticking with the charts theme of yesterday, heres my top 10 movies of 2010.

  • 10. Machette

    This film was great for so many reasons to me. I think I like it most for it's origin, which for those that don't know, was as a spoof trailer in the Grindhouse films.

    I've not seen Danny Trejo in a leading role before, the movies I'm seen him in have always been smaller parts, but I thought he led it well.

    The plot wasn't completely awful either!

  • 9. The A-Team

    The A-Team could have been truly awful. Thankfully it wasn't. I thought the casting was pretty spot on, though Liam Neeson as Hannibal still seems a little odd.

    Want I really like was they didn't try too hard to make an extended TV episode. Sure there were some slightly cheesey moments, but all in all I thought it was entertaining, and that's what I want from a movie!

  • 8. The Other Guys

    I had little expectation for this to be honest. But it had me laughing quite a lot and that's may it makes the cut.

    In places the chemistry between Wahlberg and Ferrell didn't seem quite right - and I know they weren't meant to get on - but something just seemed slightly wrong at times.

  • 7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (pt 1)

    Well this is embarrassing. I've put this in mainly because I saw it this week and it's fresh in my mind.

    I'm not a huge Potter fan. In fact ten minutes in I realised I'd missed the previous film so was a little lost with what was happening.

    What was a little annoying was that there was little climax to the film. Obviously the book doesn't have the huge ending in the middle and neither does the film. Part of me wishes they'd done a three hour movie and finished it as one film.

  • 6. RED

    I enjoyed RED. I think Helen Mirren as an assassin is what did it for me. But it was also funny and warm in between the bloodshed.

    That said, I hope we don't get more "old timer action" flicks in 2011, for want of a better phrase, they can be laid to rest now!

  • 5. Scott Pilgrim

    I loved this for a lot of reasons. One would be spotting all the "Edgarisms" in the directions. Little touches we've seen in a variety of Edgar Wright's direction.

    Secondly would be just how odd the film was. The concept is great, fight scenes excellent and the story, while not ground breaking, was done with such a twist it made it feel fresh again.

    I've always associated Edgar Wright with Simon Pegg, and I suppose in a way I like that this was a solo effort. And a hit.

  • 4. The Social Network

    I saw the trailer for The Social Network and my first thought was: "A film about Facebook? Really??". I'm sure I wasn't alone.

    Two things I can say of this film. It shows how much influence Facebook has on modern culture, which I find sad in the truest sense of the word. The second, which surprised me, was how good this film was. It was gripping, had moments of comedy and was pretty enjoyable.

    I'm sure elements were made slightly more dramatic for the big screen, and I hope Mark Zuckerberg as much of an arse as he was portrayed, but reports suggest it was pretty accurate!

  • 3. Inception

    Inception was probably the biggest film of the summer. I loved it, though maybe seeing it with a hangover was an error of judgement.

    What I liked best was the originality of it. There's so many films that are just churned out these days to make the money and this didn't seem to be. 

    The reason it only gets the number 3 slot is that I find it hard to watch again. I know the concept, the story and the ending. I don't think the mind bending would be worth it twice.

  • 2. Toy Story 3

    I have to admit, I'm a sucker for animation. Sadly I think it's lost it's magic a bit now, what with every other film seeming to be an animation with famous voices.

    But Toy Story is where it all began. And this was great. It was great to see the old characters again. What I really liked was that they'd used the time from the second instalment as a key part of the narrative. Years have past, Andy's grown up.

    In places I felt the story was a bit too close to the others, the "trying to get home" angle as been apparent in all 3. But regardless I enjoyed this one probably more than the other two. Maybe that's nostalgia kicking in!

  • 1. Kick Ass

    I was totally not expecting this! I'd seen a couple of short trailers for it and I (not being a huge comic book reader) thought it looked like one of those Scary Movie type films. How Wrong can you be?

    It's witty, fast paced and frankly brutal in places. I don't think there was a performance I didn't like. Hit Girl, the foul mouthed child was great because she held nothing back. More over, who doesn't want to be a superhero. But this should be an advert of it's perils!

    I think I've probably watched it a dozen or so times and I don't tire of it. The sequel has a lot to live up to.